"...and after he followed her through the portal, he was shot into the town square of Athens, and she was shot at her ship, Holy Reconciliation, which she had left on the Isle of Ruin..." -the Legend of Cynder chapter summaries
Halo ship

Cynder's Capital Ship

Holy Reconciliation is a DCIMF-143-Heyclon classed Assault carrier, equipped with with the latest plasma weapons, as per Cynder's instruction after her experiments upon Precursor technology. the ship is maned and protected by the Palace guard, docked deep in the city's palace.


3rd Dragon Civil War/Replicator invasionEdit

Holy Reconciliation was built in warfang using Atlantian technology. after Malefor's "defeat", he summoned the Replicators; abandoned Atlantian super weapons. after their defeat, Cynder used her ship to support her assault on dark athena.

the Aegypus crisis/Na'vi warsEdit

after meeting with a diplomat from Aegypus, Cynder launches her ship, intending to reach the city and defend it. she is shot down before she can do so. subsequent events would eventually lead to her hand in the war against the Coalition of Civilized Governments, though she did not personally command the ship.

The 4th Dragon Civil War and the Pandora IncidentEdit

Cynder attempted to evacuate Warfang for Cynthia, but Ki'aal's interference prevented her from doing so. using the ship, she was able to evacuate the High Council, though she never made it onto the ship herself. after near 20 years of scattered fighting, Neyla helped Cynder attack the Dragon temple, though after the war, she used her ship to access the Isle of Ruin.

The Koozer-Ga warEdit

after the end of the civil war, Cynder discovers a shield world, and after talking with it's resident Artifical Intelegence, Rova 343,the Koozer-ga attack her, and the outposts under her command. her ship is used numerous times on various relics, untill it is damaged during exit from an unstable portal. It is later used by Neytiri to warn Cynder of the Koozer-Ga siege of Warfang, and in her final war against them.

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