The High Council are the main governing element of the Dragon Confederation.


first Dragon Civil WarEdit

the Council was initially not a governing entity; the Dragon Elders who were later to form the organization ruled their own kingdoms; and the continent and it's associated islands were in a near-constant state of war. Warfang was fully independent, running only the city and it's associated agricultural lands.

war against MalforEdit

As the wars escalated from isolate skirmishes between cities, a cult formed, calling itself the Dag. they worshiped Malfor, a silver dragon who had demonstrated great power by uniting several of the warring kingdoms into an empire.He also was the leader the Dag cult, who were obsessed with resurrecting theDestroyer, a creature whose triumph would mean the end of the world. after his disastrous attack on Warfang, he was engaged in combat by Cynder; eventually being eaten by her.

final formationEdit

the war against MaleforEdit

Soon after Cynder's victory over Malfor, his brother, Malefor, began to attack all the dragon kingdoms. To counteract this, they formed an alliance, choosing the city of Warfang as their capital. After several attacks upon the city, the dragon elders finally formed the Council, further binding the kingdoms together. After Malefor's defeat and the reclaiming on the Dragon Temple, they began to consolidate their power; soon forming theDragon Confederation. this also paved the way for Cynder to form the Royal court, where she assumed her role as the High Council's protector; this also spawned the Honor Guard, who were sworn to protect both.

Structure and organizationEdit

Elemental HierarchsEdit

The High Council is made up of two separate elements; Foremost among them are the Elemental Hierarchs-five elder dragons who represent the cardinal elements on ]]Warfang's ancient coat of arms: Fire, Ice, Earth, Electricity, and Darkness. The Hierarchs are the higher level of the Council, and can override the lesser members-or even the decrees of the Cydonian Dynasty. During the events of The Legend of Cynder: the Precursor Legacy, those hierarchs are as follows: Fira, Cyrill, Volt, Terrador, and Cinder. when these hierachs eventually died (somewhere between the timeline of events transitioning to the sequel), they were replaced by five more- Vulcan, Delila, Voltera, Terradorion, and Zarasha, who are the hierarchs during the events of The Legend of Cynder: Rise of the Dragon Cult.

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