" But at what cost? Look around you, guard, Warfang, my city, is burning. How many others must follow this fate?-Cynder commenting on the partial glassing of Warfang during the Koozer-Ga War.

The term Glassing, also known as Plasma bombardment, is a process by which ships affiliated to the Dragon Confederation Navy, and on occasion to the Human Coalition, bombard a planet from low orbit using heavy plasma weaponry.


Glassing, a destructive process which signifies an end to a planetary body, or in some cases, a region, begins with the discovery of an enemy controlled world, or when the military fails to hold a key location. Because Glassing is so destructive, it is used only as a last resort, when a protracted engagement might invite disastrous defeat.


While Coalition ships use what are known as Plasma lances to bombaard an area, Dragon Confederation ships are far more effective, relying instead on a devastating weapon known as a Projection Array. Upon striking an area and converting the top soil and other surface geology into a mineral called lechatelierite, that is similar to glass, hence its name. The process also vaporizes any bodies of water the planet may possess, or at least reduces the remaining water to small, ash-choked pools. The ecosystem of a planet is also disposed of through this process. Subsequently, the atmosphere is saturated with soot and ash thrown up from the initial impact, subjecting the planet to a nuclear winter. As the initial impact area cools, the surface is covered by extensive areas of molten soil, and is comparable to active volcanic sites in some parts of the world, on a larger scale depending on the extent. The destructive process leaves the planet unable to recover to its former state. As a result of the destruction, the atmospheres of most planets have been known to boil away from the process, unless it is regional, a full planet-spanning operation can render a planet uninhabitable, and re-terraforming a glassed world is very difficult.

List of Glassed planets and regionsEdit

Yellow District, Warfang, during the Koozer-Ga siege of that city.

Novo Terra after a zombie apocalypse results in the Coalition declaring the entire planet lost.

Parts of Cynthia. After repelling the siege of this city, the government of the Dragon Confederation abandoned the city, and destroyed it to deny it's use to the Koozer-Ga.

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