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First Battle of Warfang
Conflict Koozer-Ga War


  • Unknown forces, assumed numerical superiority


Coalition of Civilized Goverments

Concurrent with Battle for Cynthia
Result pyrrhic Dragon Confederation stategic victory

The First Battle of Warfang is a desperate clash between Warfang's final unit of Honor Guards, allied with the human Coalition of Civilized Goverments, to hold the historical market district of Warfang until reinforcements arrive. During that time, Infighting between the Honor Guards, most of whom are humanoid tigers, and the human soldiers assigned to assist in the city's defense, reach such a fever pitch that many are killed, and several of the humans are eaten by the tigers, as is the custom of that people (the humanoid tigers eat alien enemies after they are killed in battle). Reinforcements finally arrive after 2 months, and manage to push the parasite out of the city. Sasha one of the humanoid tigers attached to the Honor Guard unit defending the city, chronicles this in her journal.