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the dragon temple is ancient palace protected by the High Council. the complex has two parts, both of which lie on top of the burned lands' primary stratovolcano.


the inner part of the temple, the palace, was built before the first dragon civil war, during which the original structures were destroyed. the complex was rebuilt many times before being taken over by malefor. after his subsequent defeat, the temple was rebuilt again, under the direction of the Atlantians. Malefor subsequently attempted to take over the temple again, triggering an eruption from the volcanic mountain upon which the temple was built. he fails in this, because the atlantians had superimposed the planet's magnetic fields onto the complex, which at this time was also sorrounded by an outer part. this outer part, comissioned by cinder, was intended to make the complex impenatrable. following the Incomplete great reformation event, Cynder and Spiril, as well as many of the High Council elders, livedin or were raised inside the precienct of the temple. on the eve of the Night of eternal darkness, Cynder runs off and Spiril is sent to find her. after aconfrontation with the ape king, Gaul, at Spire-back mountain, the temple is taken over by Malefor, only to be taken back 3 years later.


the temple is, like most buildings built by dragons, characterized by domed towers on square bases, but these are fortified. these characteristics are not present in the palace, which was origionally built using this architectual style. the current structure was built using Atlantian architecture.