this war, the most documented war in the histroy of the dragon's civilization began long ago. malfor's forces, led by a general named gaal occupy the temple and take the egg from which cynder was to be born to malfor, and when it hatches, malfor slips a red necklace around her neck. this turns her into an adult version of herself. the dragon then builds herself a lair in a volcanic island and then she builds the dark fortress. she begins draining the elders' power into red crystals and uses them to weaken the seal holding malfor prisoner. she chases an army from her lair. she retreats to her dark fortress the elder devise a last-ditched attack on her fortress and only one warrior actully makes it to the top of her tower. he defeats her, and she flees into the dark portal. he then defeats her again and she srinks, but is a little older then she was when malfor possesed her. he saves her and the war ends. cynder's centurion, as well as cynder hrself, talk about the war.

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