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The Dragon Temple Causeway Bridge, often referred to as "The Dragon Temple Causeway" was a stone causeway leading from Warfang's outermost settlements, to the Dragon Temple complex. It started in Dragon village, and ended at a platform just outside the Temple's main gates, just short of the summit of Temple Mountain. It serves and the one and only road leading through the swamps, rivers, and jungles surrounding the Temple.

Purpose and Construction[]

The Causeway is built entirely of stone masonry, which is then covered with plaster. It arches over rivers and gorges, and leads in a mostly straight line from the outlying villages of Warfang to the gate of the Temple itself. Every ten paces is a small dragon statue holding a lamp to illuminate the roadway. The railings of the roadway are decorated with intricately designed tiles of many colors. Near Temple Mountain, It turns sharply to the right, where it meets a small platform, before beginning to climb up the slope of the mountain, eventually meeting a platform just outside the Temple gates.


During the later stages of Dragon Civil War, Malefor seized control of the temple, and raised it and it's fortifications above the land, causing massive volcanic activity below and creating the Burned lands. When Spiril and Cynder led the Dragon Confederation's counter-attack, they encountered several parts of the causeway in various states of ruin. many sections had sunken into lava rivers or had been completely obliterated. the only truly complete section of the Causeway left was a short section that would have led to the Dragon Temple's Entry platform. It was never repaired after the war and what little is left lie overgrown.