Artificial planet

The surface of the artificial world

location Altair Star System


Atmospheric composition:

  • 76.09% Nitrogen
  • 20.95% Oxygen
  • 1.2% Water Vapor
  • 3,1% carbon dioxide, and other various gasses

Surface Conditions

  • 16.696 Pa atmospheric pressure at sea level
  • Gravity at 9.8
  • Escape velocity is similar to Earth's
  • Average temp: 50-120 F at the Equator

Number of Continents: 5

  • 3 along the equator with varios climates
  • 2 primary Arctic/Polar regions
  • Various Islands

Interior anatomy

  • outer rocky crust
  • highly active mantle
  • Crystallized iron/nickel core

The Dragon Homeworld, known as Shield 04 to the Precursors is a large earth-like super-planet in the Altair Star System. It is the native homeworld of Cynder and her race of Dragons, along with various humanoid feline species including the Cheetah Tribe, sentient tigers and lions, each with their own unique civilization, history, and customs.


The planet is a shield-world constructed by the Precursors during their War with an extra-galactic parasitic species, which threatened to destroy all sentient life in the galaxy. The exterior is terraformed and serves as the cradle for the indigenous lifeforms of the planet, while the shield-world is accessed through hidden entry tunnels. These tunnels are hidden in various locations around the planet, at least two of these, one originally hidden by glaciers, and the other beneath a Large Proto-Atlantean City are known and explained in great detail.


The planet, though an artificial construct is largely covered by 5 major continents, 3 of these are inhabited by sentient societies, with various technology from high-grade (near-Precursor) levels to early pre-industrial states. The other two are Arctic in nature and as a result are sparsely inhabited. one of these, Dante's Freezer, is a secondary setting in The Legend of Cynder: The Precursor Legacy. Surrounding each of these continents are numerous islands, some heavily populated and others totally vacant or totally unexplored. The continents are the basis for locating specific cities or locations on the planet's surface, and are designated Primary in reference to the main and largest continent where the major political entities are, Secondary, where small city-states and various Precursor-related artifacts can be found, Tertiary, which is barely inhabited (and rumored to be occupied by both the Nidapiya Tribe and the Atlowa) and Arctic, the primary example of this being Dante's Freezer. The planet is also home to an array of magically-suspended floating islands and various Rock-Crystal formations.

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