The Dragon Confederation Honor Guard,usually called the Honor Guard are a branch of the Dragon Confederation military tasked with defending the High Council and the royal Cydonian Dynasty. They wear glowing yellow and orange armor and carry energy spears, swords, and various other weaponry. They are divided into four groups: City, Temple, Palace, and Interstellar; each branch has their own insignia and ranking system.

City GuardsEdit

The City Guards are charged with defending Dragon Confederation cities and towns. They enforce the laws of the country in the cities, and resolve disputes between their citizens.

Temple GuardsEdit

The Temple Guards are charged with defending the High Council, and with defending buildings under the direct control of the Council, including the Dragon Temple.

Palace GuardsEdit

The Palace Guards are charged with defending the Massive Royal Palace in the city of Warfang. They are subdivided into two branches: The Shadow Guard, which defend the lower half of the palace, and the Helio Guard, which defend the upper half. These two branches each have their own insignia and ranking system, and full jurisdiction over the districts they protect.

Interstellar GuardsEdit

The Interstellar Guards are the main security personnel aboard Dragon Confederation Naval spacecraft, and are charged with defending the ships to which they are assigned.

The Honor Guard are frequently mentioned accompanying Cynder, though it is obvious that she only has limited command of them, even those aboard her own ship, Holy Reconciliation. They appear to be commanded by special officers, who are the primary middlemen between the Government officials they protect, and the armies of guards they control.

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