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The Dragon Confederation is the second most populated country on the Dragon Home-world. it is bordered by Avalar, the Unorganized Territory, and Neyla's Atlantean Confederation.


The Dragon Confederation was formed shortly after the war against the mysterious Illuminati. It was founded by the council of elders, now known as the High Council.

Government and Religion[]

The Dragon Confederation is governed primarily by the High Council. the Council control most of the matters of state, including diplomacy,war,transportation, and elements of the military. Cynder and her brother, Spiril, are heads of state, and each have their own branch of Honor Guards. the heads of state have control over the orbital planetary defenses, and each has control over their own fleet of star ships, each marked with a special insignia unique to the Royal Court. the DC Religion is a mix of the various races and cultures that occupy the cities and towns. while some are monotheistic, like the Cheetah Tribe's 'Creator' cult, others are more polytheistic, like ancestral worship.

Dragon confederation military[]

the military of the DC are mainly Honor Guards of low rank. higher ranks guard cities, towns, villages, and rural estates. Elite Honor Guards guard government buildings like palaces and Dragon temples. the DC Navy consists primarily of star-ships, like Holy Reconciliation. though the DC does have an ocean-going navy, it is considered outdated, and many naval bases have long been abandoned in favor of inland spaceports.

regions in the Dragon Confederation[]

Avon Valley[]

The Avon Valley is a fertile plain bordering the Unorganized Territory. the city of Warfang and it's satilite towns are built here.

Fire Canyon[]

the canyon is a vast gorge east of Warfang. the safest way to enter it is via the underground ruins hidden in the mountains under one of Warfang's outer settlements. it is kept dry by the massive avon dam, which blocks the ocean from entering it. without the dam, the canyon would be flooded with ocean water.

Northern Atlas Mountains[]

the Atlas Mountains occupy most of the northern parts of the country.

Coastal areas[]

the coastal areas are fertile plains, and this is where most of the larger cities are built.

Urban Centers[]

Coastal areas[]

Warfang, Rayvair

Ice citadel, Icy Canyon

Patala, Patala

Ophpheis, Ophelia's Provence

Acetis, Bretec

Bretec, Bretec


Natala, Natala

Cynthia, Cydonia

Xila, Neytilis

Neytis, Neytilis

Petan, Patala.