During the Civil War, and after the attack on the Dragon temple, Cynder's egg is taken by the apes to an undisclosed location. There, Cynder hatches, and is bound, poisoned, and brainwashed into believing that Malefor is her master. she is told to destroy anyone and anything that stands against her, eventally leading her to vitually annialate the High Council, before the coming of the purple dragon prophacy she eventally confronts the Atlowa tribe, the natives of Munition's Forge, and brainwashes the undead soilders of Dantes Freezer, before attacking her young brother, a purple dragon named Spiril. after Spiril reaches the Dragon temple's causeway platform, he is forced to retake the ancient complex. His subsequent campaign in the aforementioned lands and the nearly inevitable confrontaion with the dark dragon is chronicled in The Legend of Cynder: The Precursor Legacy.

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