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Tlos dante s freezer by avalarians-d46froe.png
World/region Polar
Environment Artic ruins/wasteland
Natives cursed dead
apperances The Legend of Cynder: The Precursor Legacy

"Dante's Freezer is an Arctic expanse littered with the machinery of war; soldiers and weapons forever frozen in the posture of destruction"-Fira

Dante's Freezer is a vast continent oriented around the north pole of the Dragon Homeworld. It's coast is littered with fortifications and war machines in various states of ruin. the southern coast is marked by a long sea wall. far out to sea, Icebergs and glacial activity render the area hazardous to sea-faring vessels. There are no cities or major population centers to speak of, though the area is inhabited; mostly by undead soldiers.

Cynder overlooks the ruined fortifications in Dante's Freezer.

Appearances-The Legend of Cynder: The Precursor Legacy[]

During the early part of the Dragon Civil War, Dante's Freezer was controlled by Cynder and her army. Her forces were in a state of war with the undead soldiers on the continent, destroying their fortified castles, before attacking Spiril. Cynder is seen flying over the wasteland, though at this point, very little is said about her.