Faction Dragon Confederation Military
Headquarters Palace of Warfang
strength numerous spaceships, Honor Guards, armed military, sea-going navy craft.
Notable Commanders

The D.C.I.M.F, or Dragon Confederation Interstellar Military Force, is the main combatant faction within the Dragon Confederation. It is a governing system coordinating the defense of the country, it's airspace, and it's interplanetary colonies. It is headquartered in Warfang's massive palace, and can be called upon to defend the country at any time.

Known ShipsEdit

A number of ships are seen attached to the fleet. Two of these are dicussed in great detail in the book, and a third, Precursor ship is mentioned to have been co-opted by Cynder.


Pious Purity

Holy Reconciliation

Ascendant Zealot


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