Cynthia is a large city built in the Atlas Mountains within the provence of Cydonia. It is one of the largest cities of the Dragon Confederation, second in size only to Warfang. It is built on a large mesa, and sorrounded on all sides by steep gorges. It's defensive walls are 30 feet thick, reinforced with both exterior and interior towers. Like Warfang, it is devided into seperate districts, including both an upper and lower city districts, with a central citadel in the center. The Citadel contains a small palace and a Great Dragon Temple. Like it's larger cusin, Cynthia also possess tall, hexigonical towers with domed roofs, topped with spires that serve as lightening rods. The city is meant as an alternate capital for the Dragon Confederation should Warfang fall to the enemy. the main access road to the city is a causeway 10 feet accross and 30 feet long, which crosses one of the canyons sorrounding the city. East of the city lie the ruins of an ancient fortress built during the Dragon Civil War. Hidden in one of the canyons is a tunnel that leads into a Precursor Shield-World. this tunnel, which bores through the planets' interior, was initially sealed off by glacial activity, and later located when the glaciers hiding the artificial construct melted. During The Legend of Cynder: Rise of the Dragon Cult, a fortress-classed, Precursor warship, known as Bonestellar-Makes-Eternal-Lasting, was found hidden by a hologram of a mountain. During the Koozer-Ga War's third incarnation, also presented begininning in the same chapter, Cynthia is Besieged by the parasite.

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