this is a citadel owned by cynder. she has it built it in the crater of the erupting volcano it has strong walls topped by a short palisade that bares malons and castilations for her defenders. the dragon herself lives in the heavily guarded dark tower at it's center. the defenders build a barricade behind the wall when the fortress is besieged, but it does nothing but give her and her loyal centurion time to escape while her defenders are forced to fight a losing battle.

This is but one of the many fortresses she owns; the volcanic one mentioned above is never mentioned again; either by Cynder or anyone under her command.

Isle of Ruin CitadelEdit

Main Article: Isle of Ruin

Cynder Constructs her lair out of a natural chamber, with assistance from her ship and guards. Her personal dwelling is a Precursor building roughly two stories high with a round floor plan.

Citadel at WarfangEdit

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Cynder's personal castle is part of a large complex of buildings, and though it is considered separate, it is connected with the palace via stairs and elevators. Cynder lives here when she is not attempting to defend her country.

Dark LairEdit

Main Article: Cynder's Lair

The Floating crystal islands, frequently called "Concurrent Skies", is Cynder's retreat of last resort. She has historically occupied the fortress during the 4Th Dragon Civil War, and used it to avoid her brother.

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