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the Coalition of Civilized Governments, often abbreviated CoCG and referred to simply as the Coalition is the the interplanetary colonial empire of 29th century Humanity.

it's history is long, going back to the early 21st century. it's influence began to grow after the Kryll wars, and was responsible for the discovery of ruins belonging to the Proto/greceo-Atlantian civilization, and the first contact with dragons.



The Coalition Capital city, Empyra city is the capital and largest city of Tyrus. the city's government was changed to make the country more open to foreigners, moving towards a free-market economy. slowly other states joined in an alliance with it, slowly becoming a very powerful coalition of countries.

the lost city of Teleac[]

the United Republic's expedition to find the lost city of Teleac led to the discovery of the city's ties with the coalition. the pricipal city and it's sorroundings were kept a secret as the United Republic joined the Coalition, which also sought member states in Africa, Asia, and Central America.

the Kryll Wars[]

after the discovery of the proto-atlantean ruins near Teleac, the Kryll escape containment and soon spread across the globe, massacring citizens and resurrecting their bodies as an undead army that soon overwhelms Tyrus. during the war, the Dragons under Cinder are enlisted to help fight them, and after 20 years of fighting, the undead are destroyed.

Cynder's planet[]

2052 expedition[]

in the year 2052, a ship-board expedition was launced to the Altair star system, the home-world of Cynder and her race of dragons. contact was brief, and the Coalition rapidly got involved in the raging dragon civil-war against the mysterious Dag cultists. Silver joined the dragons, later to become an enemy affiliated with Malefor.


the Coalition soon colonized parts of the islands bordering the largest continents, founding two cities there.

Coalition Colony Worlds[]

parts of the dragon homeworld Novo Terra Pandora Estuary Novo Terra 2 Reach