the Chronicler is responsible for cataloging all of the history of the dragon homeworld. he knows the history of their civilization beginning with the birth of malefor, and also has some foresight into the future. his lair lies in the Celestrial caves, where he is guarded by an elemental dragon whose job is to protect him.


" my seclusion, i have not received any visitor for more then a thousand years." -The Chronicler

Little is given to reveal the Chronicler's background; He does not reveal any information himself, and what information is given is heavily censored by the Dragon Confederation High Council.

The purple dragon prophecy Edit

" are also written in the books; though there are still many pages left incomplete"

the Chronicler has extensive knowledge of ancient prophecies; most notable of which is the one foretelling Spiril's birth, and his role in (supposedly) Defeating Malefor.

Cynder's RampancyEdit

"...Darkness is the only thing she knows, Spiril; when the Dark Master returns, she will concede; no one can resist it; not even the strongest among us"

The Chronicler is aware of Cynder's capture by the ape cultists, as well as her attempts to resist their influence; however, he is convinced, that they will overpower her.

The fall of MaleforEdit

"there once was a dragon whose raw power exceeded anything we could have imagined. First,he masted fire, which was odd because he was not a fire dragon; then came ice, and wind, and many abilities none thought possible / The first purple dragon. At first he was encouraged; and the secrets of elemental mastery passed on willingly by the Elders; But his power was limitless; it knew no boundary; He consumed...everything. When he would not stop, he was cast into exile, and from a new fortress within the mountain, he built an army, not of dragons, but of apes,who he thought to artificially harness the power of the gems, Our life force. / Yes, and then the sheer weight of his malice cracked the very foundation of the mountain, creating a pit of...Despair, where the dead seek their eternal rest."

-The Chronicler

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