Warclaw, capital of the Cheetah kingdom of Avalar.

Cheetah alphabet

The Cheetah's alphabet.

Cheetah tribe female1

Though usually non-combatant, female cheetahs are fierce, skilled warriors.

Cheetah tribesmen1

A cheetah warrior, with ceremonial weapon

Cheetah tribal village

The origional tribal village, later bult over by Athens.

The Cheetah Tribe, also known as the Cheetah People, The southern People, or simply The Cheetahs are a race of humanoid cheetahs who inhabit the Valley of Avalar and it's sorrounding mountains and forests. they are a Tier 7 species, and are fircely loyal to their tribal traditions.

Appearence, civilization, and cultureEdit

As it has been said before the Cheetah people are a rece of humanoid felines (Homo Felis) who inhabit the southeastern part of the Dragon confederation (later the independent kingdom of 'Avalar'), who have maintained a tribal society similar to the Atlowa. Their civilization has advances significantly since they are first mentioned in the forerunner of the series, 2052. their origional tribal village was later supplimented by a town, and later built over with a large platform, on which is built Athens. the cheetah's culture is similar to the Native American tribes in the southeatern United States. It can be noted, however, that the Cheetahs have a primative alphabet.

First ContactEdit

The tribe are fist encountered by the Coalition of Civilized Goverments in the year 2155. (Cynder had previously encountered and spoken to them, but she only does so to speak to the chieftain to arrange her freedom, as she and silver had been capturered by them). They are described as a primative tribal people living in a palisaded village, in constant fear of attack.

Dragon Civil War and the Purple dragon prophacyEdit

during the first Dragon Civil War (chonicled in the third book in the series, 2155), Spiril and Cynder are captured by the tribe after camping on a cliff overlooking a Volcanic Wasteland, the village is attacked and nearly burned to the ground by Malefor's forces. Both dragons fight to protect the village, in an attempt to presuade the village cheiftain, Prawess, to release them and Hunter, so they can continue to Warfang.

The Legend Of Cynder: Dragon War TrilogyEdit

The Cheetah's town is besieged upon it's mentioning by Cynder who actally refers to the siege of her own city years earlier. during the siege, the original tribal village is destroyed and Chief Prawess killed. his successor is Chief Prawlus.

The Legend of Cynder: The Precursor LegacyEdit

Cynder visits the Cheetah's new city, Warclaw, to declare that she formally recognizes the newly-created kingdom of Avalar as independent from the Dragon Confederation. The city is besieged by Silver, and soon after, the 4th-and last Dragon Civil War breaks out, during which Cynder visits Athens again, during an experiment gone wrong with her ship. Later, when Warclaw is under siege by the Koozer-Ga, she arrives just in time to prevent a ship from crashing into the city, though it punctures an underground lava vein originating from Temple Mountain, causing a volcanic eruption which replaces the water in the ditch surrounding the city with lava, rendering the city impenetrable to the Koozer-Ga.

Known MemebersEdit

Chief Prawess

Chief Prawlus



Unidentified citizens in Warclaw

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