this is the third siege of warfang. you enter the city and begin hearing sounds. hunter goes to a high building overlooking the city walls and notices the enemy forces are preparing to besiege the city. he tells cynder "it (the siege) has begun" before heading to the city market where the city gates are. when you go to follow him, a fireball strikes a domed tower and it collapses in front of you, seperating you from hunter. you are forced to exsinguish a fire in an apartment building caused by the same fireball that distroyed the tower that now blocks your path. you go to the ramparts to help defend the city. you and cynder distroy the enemy siege towers as they reach the city walls. then, another golem of the deep attacks. it bores under the city gates, forcing silver and cynder to fight from the rooftops. the elders help weaken him, but they are injured. it is again up to silver and cynder to distroy the golem. they do, but malefor reserects the distroyer and then informs the elders that he plans to scorch the surface of the planet with it. fira devises plan to attack it- move underground using the buried city. he warns "we must move quickly, if malefor is not to know we left the city unguarded". this is a link to chapter 4-underground.

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