the chapter starts with silver and cynder flying out of a flooded cave. when you reach the enchanted forest, hunter leads you to the edge of a cliff and tells you that fira has been looking for you for three years, and malefor has occupied the dragon temple, suspending it above the burned land's volcano and that they have been fighting ever since- hunter reveals that it is a losing battle. then you are captured by the cheetah people and taken back to their village. their leader, a red cheetah named tench'a has deep mistrust of cynder, and refuses to release her utill he is confronted by one of his villagers. the village is attacked as soon as she is freed and they defend it before being told that a hermit is being held in his own cave by dag forces. they go to this cave and the hemit insults her, and she drags you out to avoid attacking him, as he has deeply offended her. tou then return to the village before going on to warfang, which hunter refers to as "dragon city".

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