the primary temple where the Chronicler lives

the Celestrial Cave are an ancient Atlantian burial ground abandoned when the ocean levels rose during the incomplete great reformation event. it the home of the Chronicler, and is booby-traped as to not allow anyone to reach him. there are are five tests that must be passed in order to gain access to the chronicler, four of which located in different elemental realms, the fifth involving a battle with a elemental dragon resembling dark cynder. the underwater realm is characterized by numerous Atlantian temples, platforms, and buildings. the submerine realm is protected from the water around it by a shield. the realm consists of a number of islands, each reached via a 'realm terminal', located in the main temple. access to the main, or 'Celestrial' temple is via a door only opened when all four elemental tablets flanking the door are activated. the islands are littered with the remains of dead forests and seaweed beds.

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