the Catacombs are the ancient burial ground of the Dragon Confederation, more specifically, the dead of Warfang, the country's capital city. the burial ground is a complex of groin-vaulted rooms which are carved deep into Tall plains, thereby belying the atlowa homeland. The underground complex consists of several levels, the bottom one being heavily damaged during an attack on the catacombs by the Golem of the Deep, rendering the upper levels unstable. though Cynder, the queen of the dragon confederation will attempt to have the complex repaired, the bottom level had became so destabilized, that it collapsed and nearly killed her and spiril. there are others, though not as unstable, and some of them are on earth, but are still dangerous. the primary platform contains a picture of her in the center, with "Provence of warfang: rightful and true eternal burial place for all our citizens" written in arcane script. another platform subsequently contains 28 distinct scenes of a historical nature, the tenth one of the ring sequence of the 4th ring of the platform (the dragon scenes) conceals cinder's burial plot. she is depicted on this part, while in arcane script is a reference to her motherhood of Cynder. within the 2nd ring ( the Atlantian scenes), Dwager Nirrti is depicted being baptized. beyond this, a hall leads to what appears to be a city, but in fact is no more then a series of platforms that lead to a door open via weight-triggered switches. subsequent advances beyond this lead to one of the main crypts. from this, the entry lobby is reached via platforms that lead over a canyon. beyond this is a door that leads to the entry hall and then into a cave.


The Catacombs are mentioned at the beginning of the novel, but not much information is given on the layout of the underground structures. they are said to be structurally unsound, prone to collapse and cave-ins.

The Legend of Cynder: Dawn of RedemptionEdit

The Catacombs are said to be divided into 3 distinct levels, one apparently of Atlantian design, though only an outer hall is spoken of. as before it is reinforced that the area is unstable; several structures collapse when touched by Hunter, including parts of a ruined causeway bridge.

The Legend of Cynder: The Precursor LegacyEdit

The Catacombs are revealed in full; belying the Mountain of Malefor, a geologically unstable volcano in Avalar.

lost tomb, beneath the ruined atlantian capital complex in coastal remains.

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