"I did'nt name the ship; the Precursors did"-Vulcan explaining the ship to Cynder III

Bonestellar-Makes-Eternal-Lasting  is a Fortress-class Precursor Warship co-opted by the Dragon Confederation Honor Guard after Sasha retakes Cynthia from the Koozer-Ga parasite. while much about the warship remains unknown it is assumed it was once used to farry people and resources to the shield world whild it was under construction; After Cynder III began to find pieces of The Mantle, she returned to explore the ancient warship, finding that it contained a being known as "The Liberian", who's memories were retained by the Precursors who built the shield-world before the fall of the precursors' Ecumae. Cynder III uses this ship to access the Precursor's capital installation after learning it's location.

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