Battle For Patala
  • un-named Precursor keyship
  • 15 Battle cruisers
  • two heyclon-class assault carriers
  • 10 Atlantean light frigates
  • Various light mounted point defense plasma turrents
  • millions of assorted combat personnel

Koozer-Ga Swarms

  • untold millions of Koozer-Ga forms
  • Proto-Gravemind
  • unknown number of captured vessels
strategic alliance victory Koozer-Ga hive is destroyed

The Battle of Patala was a defensive action to protect the city and it's civilian population from the Koozer-Ga, who had formed a hive nearby, assaulting the outer defenses of the city when Holy Reconciliation arrived with several other cruisers, Atlantian battle ships, and a Precursor Keyship. The Koozer-Ga were driven from the outer Battlements, and their hive destroyed.

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