The Battle for New Atlantis was a large confrontation between the Koozer-Ga and the guards protecting the city of New Atlantis. it lasted 4 days.

day 1Edit

the firs day saw the first test of the city's defenses,with most of the Outskirts falling within the day. Arial battles continued through the night.

day 2Edit

as the battle continued in the skies above New Atlantis, loyal ground forces were fast losing the city. by the night, only the harbor district was still held.

day 3Edit

the Coalition of Civilized Governments began to help defend the city, puching the enemy back into the center of the city. Cynder also sent a detachment of her forces (which she personally led herself). her forces also helped push the enemy back, though by this time, the civilian population had been evacuated to an orbital Satellite grid.

day 4Edit

as the enemy is forced out of the city,Neyla is revealed to have constructed and hid a vast city-ship nearby, which she uses to destroy the remnants of the enemy forces around the city.

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