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General Information
Society pre-industrial/tribal
Technology Tier Tier 7, adopted  Late Tier 6
Notable Appearences:

The Atlowa are a race of humanoid Llama-people who live in the mountain-platforms and canyons of Tall Plains. They are generally described as having a culture and society similar to that of the Maya Civilization. Their Cities and buildings are said to be built similarly to the aforementioned civilization, though it is not plausible for the two civilizations to have had contact; even when the Precursors occupied the galaxy. They maintain an agricultural society and economy. They are capable of terrace farming and even have permanent techniques for irrigation of their fields, canalizing rivers to run over water wheels, which in turn power grain mills. Their religion is described as primitive, and the only evidence that they have any organized belief system at all is derived from a large shine built in the central platform of their highland home, which once housed a stone golem, which was brought to life by Cynder. The atlowa fear and resent dragons, though the latter regard them as primitive savages.