the atlantian civilization is among the most advanced civilizations encountered by dragon kind. they are known to possess advance technology and their homeworld, planet x, is all but built up with their cities.

Government the atlantians maintain two seperate councils, one on their homeworld and the other in the country they created on the dragon homeworld.

architecture the atlantian architecture is distinguished by spire-like structures, but this is seprerate from that of the Greceo atlantians, who use greek architecture instead. the primary atlantian civilization, identified by Cynder as the 'Ancients' are the most advanced of these two. they are responsible for the creation of the Replicators during the first Kryll war, which caused their civilzation to break into two seperarate factions. the Greceo-atlantians are responsible for the contruction of most atlantian complexes found on earth, including the atlantian capital complex, later colonized by sapfora. they are also responsible for constructing the celestrial caves, which was one of their cemetaries before the great reformation. the former Greceo-atlantian civilization was replaced by the Nidapiya Tribe.

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