The Atlantean Confederation is a country located in the southern part of the dragon homeworld's primary continent. It's capital and largest city is New Atlantis. it consists of the more fertile delta regions and grasslands of the continent, and is home to a vast swamp in it's southwestern portion. It's government, the Atlantian Grand Council, is headquartered in New Atlantis.

locations within the Atlantian ConfederationEdit

Dragonfly falls

Plains of the lost

Coastal Swamps

Cliffs of Marcarta

the areas outside the major cities are littered with ancient ruins. While some of them were built by the Precursor Civilization, others predate the current Atlantean civilization. The coastal swamps are home to tthe hostile Nidapiya Tribe.

Relationship with other countriesEdit

The Atlantian Confederation is respected by all the major powers on the continent and elsewhere; their superior technology is envied by many other countries, even Cynder's Dragon Confederation. The human Coalition of Civilized Governments and the Precursor Civilization are the only civilizations who can brag to have technology equal to, or better then, what the Atlanteans have.

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