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Amelia is a sentient tigress in the employ of the Cydonian Dynasty.She is a white tiger with dark blue stripes, sapphire blue eyes, and a 2-foot-long tail. She is 6',8" high, and capable of going quadrupedal.


Amelia is nice to those around her, though can be ferocious if threatened. She usually wears her pilot's uniform, and is noted for having a friendly personality. Unlike Neyla, she revels in companionship, and labels the habits of the latter as "eccentric". She does not understand the Dragons' aversion to worshippiing the Ancestors (she labels them "Ancients"), and is interested in the Cheetah Tribe's "Creator" religion, which Cynder III dismisses as "just another cult".


Amelia is the first officer aboard the Destroyer-classed "Ascendent Zealot". She is introduced when the ship reaches the Nanatalean Imperial Palace.