Battle of Shield 04


  • Untold numerical superiority

Coalition of Civilized Goverments

  • Major Davis
  • Colonial Self-Defense fleet

Atlantean Confederation

Dragon Confederation

Cheetah Tribe

  • innumerable tribal warriors 
Previous Battle for New Atlantis
Result Strategic alliance victory

By the ancestors, I refuse to allow them another chance to attack us. Go now, and burn them all! -Cynder

The Counter attack was the last battle of the Koozer-Ga War,  it was fought between the Koozer-Ga, who had seized control over a defunct Precursor  shield-world and were using it as a staging ground from which to attack the various factions, who had united into an alliance, to stop them. Led by Cynder, young queen of the Dragon Confederation and founder of the Cydonian Dynasty, she led the various united factions into a huge bloody battle, eventually defeating the Koozer-Ga after a series of drawn-out clashes. 

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