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the ruined entrence to the temple's main building

the Akor Wat Temple Complex is a large complex of ancient buildings near the coast of India. the temple is well fortified and surrounded by a perimater wall, now in a heavily dilapidated state. underneath the temple are proto-atlantean ruins, and a time machine.

Ancient History[]

the temple's history, though extensive,is not revealed entirely. Sita has no knowledge of the Atlantian ruins, and cannot operate the Time Machine. She does,however,mention the Khmer Civilization, which was responcible for building the temple and surrounding buildings.

Defenses and guardians[]

Sita guards the Temple Grounds, killing, eating, and sucking the life-force of anyone who enters the temple. Beyond her, many of the ancient statues are cursed, and come to life, surprisingly ignoring her. in the subterranean ruins, are malfunctional defense systems.

Sita lying outside one of the temple entryways.